Expanding Expectations

Restoring expectations through socio-emotional trauma survival to prevent student trauma and reduce incidences and its impact including family violence, abuse, sexual victimization, sex traficking, gang affiliation, delinquency, school failure

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Social Needs

  • Students work cooperatively to accomplish project based learning goals as a team to promote cooperation and synergistic problem solving.
  • Children explore tough issues, unpleasant topics, to see that their power is not eroded, not from anything at all, through their greatest weapon, their tongue, speaking truth!
  • Issues of anger, unforgiveness, death, disease, sickness, abuse and the ugliness of the world fade beneath the hope of triumph and survival by faith in God. through Christ, and so, ultimately, themselves.

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Academic Needs

Motivate student learning through a logic based game system, emphasizing critical thinking, to close potential - performance gap, as students have fun in the unique game based learning approach.

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Emotional needs

Trauma responsive learning to build self esteem and promote self efficacy.

  • Commits to create safe spaces for children to thrive
  • Eradicate the impact of brokenness and abuse of children by promoting mental wellness
  • Ultimately Reduce addiction and substance abuse issues.

Socio-emotional, self-esteem building programming, resilience training, Emotional Intelligence honing, neuro-developmentally inclusive, academic remediation and enrichment, leadership training, character development, mentorship as well as advocacy ...

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