Project R.E.S.E.T.S.

Restoring Expectations through Socio-Emotional Trauma Survival

Problems to solve


Students at risk of school failure, academic underperformance and underachievement


Students’ social marginalization isolation ‘feeling like a misfit’ succumbing to negative peer pressure and low expectations


Students’ identity, emotional and mental struggles with anxiety , depression, suicidal ideation, and at-risk behaviors


Students’ vulnerability to trauma, mental, emotional, physical and sexual abuse.

Proposed Solution

Project R.E.S.E.T.S.’ multi-disciplinary approach through collaborations with professionals across different specialities and areas of expertise in order to create grassroots mobilization efforts on behalf of our student population to be solution and mission oriented.


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The role of the church as heart of local communities with the power to reach students in the context of their entire family.

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The role of the family, parent and their children, all together, lies at the heart of the outreach efforts on behalf of students.

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Educators and Mental Health Professionals

The role of educational and mental health professional as sharing equally, with their input, through their seats at the ta

Socio-emotional, self-esteem building programming, resilience training, Emotional Intelligence honing, neuro-developmentally inclusive, academic remediation and enrichment, leadership training, character development, mentorship as well as advocacy ...

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