The Curriculum

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Project R.E.S.E.T.S. Curriculum

Multi-sensory, strength based, Charlotte Mason-Classical emphasis on experiential, interactive developmentally based hands on learning with socio-emotional, trauma sensitive approach built in, to facilitate student motivation through learning as an extension of safe spaces by fostering students’ gifts and talents.

Multi-Sensory & Strength-based


Multiple Intelligences
~ Visual ~ Spatial ~ Kinesthetic ~ Musical ~ Logical ~ Linguistic ~ Naturalistic ~ Inter & Intrapersonal



Charlotte Mason - Classical
Learning intuitive to natural developmental stages and phases ~ grammar ~ dialectic ~ rhetoric~

Trauma Sensitive


Facilitating Motivation
through gentle effect of trauma sensitive socio-emotional approach
~ The Baker Approach ~

Socio-emotional, self-esteem building programming, resilience training, Emotional Intelligence honing, neuro-developmentally inclusive, academic remediation and enrichment, leadership training, character development, mentorship as well as advocacy ...

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